NICOLE SHEYKO- Dog Trainer and Owner of "The Chapel Hill Dog Trainer"

Nicole was born in Germany. After finishing medical school at the University of Ulm and obtaining her PhD/MD in Medicine, she started working as an Intern to become specialized in Urology.  After 4 years, and meeting her now husband, they moved to Chapel Hill, NC in 2001, with a 3-month old baby girl.
Plans changed ever since and while the Family grew bigger (3 children, 4 dogs, 3 cats- but still 1 husband!) one thing stayed the same: Nicole's passion for animals, especially dogs.  Already in Germany has Nicole volunteered at a local animal shelter and was involved with animal rescue and foster care.
Over the next few years Nicole came to the conclusion that she did not want to start all over again to obtain the necessary qualifications in order to continue with Medicine in the US. The next step came naturally: she decided to devote her time to her growing Family and continued following her passion to work with animals, especially dogs (which makes her poor husband sometimes jealous!).  
In the coming years she ran a private dog (and cat)-rescue by taking in animals from the Harnett County Animal Shelter in Lillington, a rural high kill shelter. Nicole also took care of abandonned or unwanted dogs and cats.


Her Motto:  "Be the person your dog sees in you"

Once you realize how true this statement is, you might see your own dog in a whole new light.
Where else do you see this pure, undemanding and unconditional love? Was there ever a day you came home and your dog didn't race to greet you- his tail wagging, eyes shining?
Don't forget this if it comes to training your best friend- he deserves patience, understanding and love. If he does things in a way you do not appreciate- it's not intentional- not "provocative"- these are human attributes. It's just him not knowing what to do and how to do it- especially if it's a puppy.

Besides her passion, love and dedication for dogs Nicole knows first hand from being a mother of 3, how to successfully teach a child and train a family dog to live happily together. She started with dog rescue when her youngest child was 1 year old. This required taking sanitary measures to avoid spreading diseases, knowledge of preventative medication as well as proper nutrition. She introduced countless puppies (and adult dogs!) to her own family (which includes dogs and cats!). All rescue dogs were examined by a Vet, neutered and spayed, housetrained and sozialized in every possible situation (from going to soccer games to cuddling in the bed :).
Nicole's main goal was to prepare every dog in the best way to assure them a wonderful, loving, forever home. Nicole knows the challenges that come with unexperienced dog handlers and the impulsive ways of children- but under no circumstances does she lose her patience or punishes the dog. Training is strictly done by rewarding good behavior and correcting unwanted. Having that said- no bribing with food is necessary- the biggest reward for your dog is the loving attention and praise that only you can give him. This does not mean that the occasional treat is forbidden, not at all- but it is not a recommended "tool" for teaching your dog basic obedience.
Prong collars, choke chains and shocking devices are not part of her training methods.
Nicole is convinced that In order to become the best possible Dog Trainer you can never stops learning and searching for solutions.
We work with living creatures- there always will be set backs- for the Owner- as well as the Trainer.
This is something one should never forget. But this is also the BEAUTY of it. Having an unproblematic robot dog or stuffed animal is EASY- living with a real dog who shows you affection on its own, who loves you and listens VOLUNTARY is the GOAL!
As you can probably guess by now, Nicole's main focus lies on helping dog owners understand how to raise a puppy, succesfully introduce a puppy/ new dog into their home, teaching basic obedience, talking with children on how to respect their four legged friend  and finding creative solutions for a life in harmony with you dog (s)

Bo and Lilly- our 2 oldest dogs: Friends forever-from Day 1!

What sets Nicole apart from many other Dog Trainers?