Basic Obedience:
- Jumping up
- Leash Pulling
- Excessive Barking
- Basic Commands
 (STAY-Sit-Come-Leave it)

The New Puppy:

- Potty Training
- House Training
- Nipping/ Biting
- Introducing the leash
- How to get your puppy
  to love his crate?

General Tips:

- Nutrition Facts
- Proper Canine Care
- Interactive Games
- Traveling with your dog
- Off-limits!
- Getting the whole            
  Family on Board

Destructive Behavior:

- Chewing (Furniture..)
- Digging up the yard
- Getting into trash
- Destroying toys. ..

- Counter Surfing

Dog Training SERVICES - Overview

How does it work?

Original "art work" provided

by PACE  H. , a client's dog :)

   "Beamer"- a friend's cute Puppy

Very left: "Lilly", one of our 4 dogs

very right: "Annabeth, also our pup

Center : Bella and Rudy , 2 client dogs

Best Buddies enjoying some

outside playtime

Nicole Sheyko
Professional Dog Trainer
(919) 607-0277
After receiving your information, either per phone-call or via e-mail, we will set up a convenient time for our
initial, free phone interview (this should take about 20 min- so please plan in some time). During our conversation we will figure out your/ your dogs needs, discuss possible contributing factors to a certain behavior and lay out a plan on how to best address your concerns. This is also a great time for you to ask questions, and very often I can already provide tips over the phone. It is equally important for me to figure out who your dog really is before meeting with you and your dog in person. We then set up our 1. Training Visit in your home. It is certainly recommended that every interested member of your Family takes part in this lesson, children are especially welcome. We are flexible and can work around your schedule, 7 days a week. Upon arrival, we will go over general things first, then specifically address your questions and concerns. This is a very hands-on approach. I might ask you to show me how you do certain things or how you manage (unwanted) behavior of your dog. I will also demonstrate techniques that you can try immediately afterwards. We will also take your dog outside for leash work and other important things.
Before leaving, you will be provided with a "homework" that you should practice daily over the next 10 to 14 days. During this time you are welcome to call with any questions/ concerns (but we also love to hear of improvements!). TIP:  It can be helpful to keep a little "diary".
One week after the first lesson we should touch base and fine-tune whatever we can over the phone and adjust the given homework, where necessary. Around 2-3 weeks after the first lesson, we would like to schedule a follow-up lesson. In most cases, a third lesson will not be necessary- however, some clients like to continue and improve what they have learned.